I used to make up my own set with 12 wax colurs, iron, card etc.  Those 12 colours, I called set A and then, for many years, I put the rest into 3 other sets of 12 (  B, C, D)

Click here  if you want to see which colours I used to put in sets A, B, C & D .  I can still supply those if you wish but they're no longer on my price lists - each set will just be 12 x individual wax block price.

The 48 waxes are now commercially made up into boxes of 16.   But I can still provide any amount of loose colours.

Below is a photograph of the actual wax colours crayoned on to white paper - you might find that useful but remember that your screen might display differently to mine.

You can order one of these hand-made, crayoned colour charts from me on the mail order form or on the printable waxes order form here.... waxes  

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