Encaustic art wax supplies.                      

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If you are wax-painting already  (or you would like a small example of  my (Barry Moulton) work), you can have an example of my work by sending a cheque for 6 (payable to Barry Moulton) to Barry Moulton, Loveneys Farm, Wakes Colne, COLCHESTER, CO6 2BJ.  If you would like your picture in a suitable mount, please add 2.

You need to include your name and address and you can ask for examples of  up to 8 of the following effects/drawings in each picture - sky, hills, mountains, lake, stream, foliage effect, tree, flowers, leaves, birds, dragonflies, fence, tunnel effect, castle-type effects, drawn castles, path.   If you really know what you require, you can (within the above 8 things), specify colours and types of effect.  I'll paint an A6 size (about 4"x 6") for you.  Please say whether it should be in landscape (longest edge horizontal) or portrait (longest edge vertical) format.   

If you would like a bigger (A5) picture, you can request up to 10 of the above items in it and also (within the 10 items), you can ask for a dragon or a wizard or a waterfall (only one of those 3 please!)  The cost will be 12 or 15 if mounted.

I won't use any ink - the entire picture will be painted with wax.  It should arrive within 14 days; if it doesn't,  please get in touch.  My phone number is 01787 227320.

If you require examples of  any other techniques (such as hotplate work, direct or indirect transfers, use of rubber stamps etc), use the contact link below to send me an email detailing your request and I'll soon reply!


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