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Privacy statement

Privacy statement.

Wakes Waxes is a partnership of myself (Barry Moulton), my wife (Pam Moulton) and my daughter (Liz Moulton).

I’m the one who does almost everything so I’ll write the following in the first person…


I am the data controller for Wakes Waxes.


I hold a few details about my customers – these are details that are needed to process orders/enquiries from those contacts.  I have never and never will pass on or sell personal details to other companies.

I keep records of  purchases to deal with your orders/enquiries efficiently and  for accounting purposes.  The details that I have on a computerised system are your Name & address plus phone numbers and email address if you’ve made those available.  

If you pay by card, I have to record your numbers on paper ( not on any computer) as I’m not set up to process card payments immediately.  After the transaction is complete, to comply with card-proessing requirements, I then  shred & incinerate  that paper  record of your card details.


You can ask me to destroy your whole account details at any time by ringing me on 01787 227320 or sending me an email to barry@waxes.co.uk .


I don’t send marketing emails ; I’ll only contact you if necessary or if you have asked me so to do.



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