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Below are 8 examples of the sort of card that you might receive if you request one with your information pack.  They are all about 4" x 3".   They are also typical of peoples' first results (as long as that person hasn't "tried"!)

They were all made quickly by loading 3 or 4 colours on the iron (in bands) and wiping the iron lightly over the card (shaking the iron slightly if areas didn't cover)  This produced the flatter areas of colour.

Without cleaning the iron, it was touched back on (flat) and lifted (hold the card down!) straight up.  This produced the branching patterns as the air rushed in.

The whiter marks were made last by touching with the iron's curved edge and moving that edge through the wax in various ways.

We can all produce images like these right from the start and they look fantastic; they're always unique and you'll see different things in them.  The above examples only took about a minute each!  The temptation when you start encaustic art is to spend too long on each piece, changing it again and again - you CAN do this with wax but the process mixes colours all the time and the result of too much work can soon be mud (especially if you mixed dark colours with pastel colours).

Learn by experimenting on lots of small cards one after the other; this is far preferable to changing the same piece again and again as you've then got lots to look back at.  One of the many advantages of wax painting is that any piece of work can be changed at any time!


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