Encaustic - Original fantasy art using an encaustic process.
Encaustic, encaustic art, encaustic wax art

THOSE 4 BASIC EFFECTS AGAIN - smoothing lightly to form sky, smoothing lightly for hills, dabbing and lifting quickly for foreground "foliage", edge sliding for large leaves, point sliding for birds, dragonflies and flower parts.

Encaustic painting iron effects can be almost any size,; this 4inch x 3inch card is painted completely with the iron

 Original Encaustic Wax Art

   UK Printable Order Form - prices of everything that we stock!

UK Postage and Packing on all supplies orders is just 2.00

Picture of Set Contents
Our Starter set is unique to us and contains everything necessary to start encaustic art; 12 Encaustic wax blocks, Encaustic Painting Iron, 6 metallic wax sticks, 50 x A6 (6"x 4"approx) painting cards, a sample picture, a black mount for an A7 size picture and instructions - hours of fun for anyone! There is also a mail-order form for future supplies - not many retail outlets stock encaustic art supplies. Order a Starter Set 49.90 (Includes the Encaustic Painting Iron!) 

UK Printable Order Form - click on those underlined words for prices of everything that we stock!               Listed below are just a few of the goodies...............

A standard set without the iron is available - Art Set       37.90
                                      Encaustic Painting Iron     29.90
There are now 48 colours in the Encaustic Wax Block range available separately at 1.10 each or only 1.00 each if you buy 40 or more - why not share an order with a friend?     
We're still stocking the Hobbyring Neon(6 colours) & Pastel(6colours) Sets  -  6.60 per set. We can't get the Charisma set any more unfortunately

White Encaustic Painting card in sizes A7(approx 4"x3") up to A1(approx 35"x25") and also bookmark size!
Black Encaustic Painting card in sizes A7(approx 4"x3") up to A2(approx 25"x18")and Coloured Encaustic Painting card also available in some sizes, 13 different colours!

                                                Encaustic Stylus     33.50
                                         Mini-iron Tip for Stylus     4.70 
                                                      Micro-Iron Tip     4.30
                                         20mm diam. round Tip     4.50
    24mm round, square, rectangle, triangle, Egg-shape & Narrow-pear tips    5.50 each
                                       "Heat-it" Craft Tool     18.90
                                                 Ultimate hotplate     250.00
                                   5 Encaustic Painting DVDs    11.90, 14.90 & 19.50 (can be hired by post in UK)
Encaustic Painting Books; "How to Paint with Wax"   7.60  
                                   "Encaustic Art"(blue cover)     7.50 
                                "Encaustic Art Project Book"    9.60
Wax Art" Book     9.50
               18 different Helpsheets by Barry Moulton     0.50 each (2 free with each order) 
          100ml Acrylic Sealer for Encaustic Paintings     7.00
                     Encaustic scrapers (Standard & thin)     2.40 each
                                                    Rubber Stamps     from 5 each  (with images to combine well with wax art)
Bevel-cut Mounts for A7, A6, A5, & A4 in Black or Bottle Green or Cream - if you want A3, please ask.
Aperture Cards for A6 & A7 artwork
Blank Greetings Cards & Bookmarks folders plus self-adhesive folders for bookmarks
Polypropylene Bags
Peel-offs now available to enhance your greetings cards beautifully; only 60p per sheet!
Lots of different tools for use on the hotplate!

 UK Printable Order Form - prices of everything that we stock!


Original Encaustic Wax Paintings

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