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A2 Hotplate - The Ultimate
This A2 Hotplate really offers "The Ultimate" Heat Control for approaching larger work.   It can be used in so many different ways.

Glass top working heated area 405mm x 605mm
Main body Including metal frame 425mm x 625mm
Full length including handles 425mm x 715mm

Very High Quality Thermostat
Flat, toughened, easy to clean glass surface
Large A2 capacity for artwork (ideal up to 560mm x 360mm even on cooler settings)

This hotplate offers brilliant temperature control that varies almost unnoticeably in the working situation. The dial spans from 1 to 12 and placing 7-8-9 at the top is around 70 - 75 C. So there is plenty of fine adjustment from the melting point of the wax blocks (around 65C) all the way up to 100C as the maximum achievable temperature. 

There are too many possible techniques to mention here for using the support material (card, water colour paper, fabric, etc. directly on top of the hotplate surface. However, try placing an encaustic painting card on the hotplate, tape it on one edge with masking tape to hold it in place, then start drawing the wax colours straight onto the surface - they just melt as you draw. Work these colours with tissue, sponges, card edges, netting, plastics, fabrics, palette knives, brushes, rubber stamps, squeegee shapes, in fact, anything that you can find to get interesting or desired marks.

Work on to watercolour paper for a softer final colour feel (soft fibrous surface compared to the hard gloss painting cards). Use the light colours first to begin saturation of your paper. Once a colour is applied it is difficult to shift it! Lots more information will become available as more and more people begin this wonderful and creative journey into wax art.

Wax can also be applied directly onto the glass surface, after which the painting surfaces can be dragged through this and coated to create almost instant landscape and fantasy backgrounds. So many possibilities So even though this is a big investment to make it is no more than an easel or a sewing machine, and that is a fair sort of comparison.


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