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For those of you making bookmarks (these are usually easy to sell!), we now have an easier way to present them - self adhesive covers -

Self Adhesive Bookmarks ...

Introducing a fun new way to make your own bookmarks. These bookmark covers are easy to use and are suitable for children and adults. Just follow these 4 simple steps:
1. Peel off protective paper backing to expose the sticky self adhesive clear.
2. Place your picture (face-down is best for wax) onto the rigid plastic base. A full 3mm needs to be left around the insert. This allows for resealing the pouch.  Wax bookmarks are usually "dirty" on the reverse so you'll need to position a clean, same-sized piece of card or paper over it before the next step.
3. Reseal the pouch. Once sealed the pouch cannot be reopened so seal carefully to avoid trapping air bubbles.
4. If required, to finish off the bookmark tie a suitable ribbon to the punched hole at the base.
Overall Size : 150mm x 50mm.  Maximum content Size : 132mm x 40mm.  Material : PVC 

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