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                 encaustic wax painting

There are 18 Helpsheets written by Barry Moulton

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1. Introduction & Simple Landscape
2. Multicolour Landscape and Skies
3. Helpful Hints
4. Fantasy Effects
5. Use of Encaustic Stylus and Scraper
6. Water Where You Want it
7. Mountains and Windswept Skies
8. Use of Hot Air to Melt Wax
9. Flowers, Rocks and More Helpful Hints
10. Larger Pictures
11. Mounting and Framing
12. Crayoning and Wax Removal
13. Uses of Clear & Metallic Waxes and Coloured Card
14. Greetings Cards and Bookmarks
15. More about the Basic Effects
16. Wax Transfers
17. Use of Rubber Stamps
18. Assembling Bookmarks

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