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Postage & Packaging Charges...
Just 2.00 for orders to UK addresses.

Please note - these terms DO NOT apply to any purchases via Ebay; because of the high fees involved with Ebay/Paypal, I have to ask for a reasonable p&p or a higher price on Ebay items.  (I'm encausticwax on Ebay)

My normal arrangement is to use Royal Mail for deliveries (usually 1st Class (occasionally 2nd ), but orders weighing about 2Kg and over are usually sent with a courier );  

PLEASE take p&p into account if you do compare my prices to other suppliers as their postage charges can sometimes be rather high!
I can use Special Delivery if you need something urgently; I can quote you for this, if required, once I have your order - Special Delivery should arrive by 1pm on the next working day.

Wherever I can, I re-use packaging but I do have to buy most of the boxes that I use.
If you would like all the packaging used in your parcel to be brand new, just ask.
My packing chips that I buy are biodegradable/compostable - these are the white, cylindrical shapes.  Sometimes, things arrive here with polystyrene chips and I'll re-use those but, obviously, polystyrene isn't biodegradable.  
 I apologise if your parcel has some recycled polystyrene in it but it's better to re-use than to send to landfill straightaway.  

People sometimes ask "Where to buy from?".  I haven't got any stockists as such but some of our customers do also take a few of my Starter sets out to craft fairs.  Encaustic art isn't a franchise; anyone can stock and sell the items but because it is a real minority art at present, most shops can't warrant shelf space for it as the turnover is so low.  So since about 1993, I've been one of the main suppliers - mostly by post but also at craft shows around East Anglia (although I've now stopped doing fairs and demonstrations completely; I was born in 1950 so not as agile/strong as I once was!

My mail order service is very quick as my customers would testify - many actually phone me to say how surprised (and pleased) they are to get such speedy delivery.

There isn't a Wakes Waxes shop .  

I keep large stocks of most things on the order form and orders usually seem to arrive in such a way that I can manage to process nearly every one (and get it on it's way) the same day that it arrives.  If you don't hear anything within a few days of sending your order, then something has almost certainly got lost in the post and you should contact me; having said that, we do have the odd weekend away sometimes!

Encaustic Art (and related items) is all that I do at Wakes Waxes, so in the big, wide world, Wakes Waxes is very small 
and my turnover isn't up to where I have to be registered for VAT

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