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Peel-Offs....only 60p per sheet!   these give a quick and easy way to embellish greetings cards etc with words or motifs.  Each sheet is about 9"x4" and contains various quantities.  Designs and quantity per sheet may vary (the numbers in brackets give the approximate quantity on the sheets currently (2014) in stock.  I haven't had time to scan all the peel offs yet but if you want to see what particular ones look like, email peeloff scans with your request and I'll do a scan to send as an attachment in my reply.
When you order some peel-offs from Wakes Waxes for the first time, we'll pay the postage whatever the size of your order (as long as it only contains peel-offs).  For all other orders, postage will be 2.00 per order.

CLICK HERE FOR THE EASY WAY TO ORDER! (We'll ring you back WHEN YOU want us to!)
60p each, any quantity, no minimum order.               


Quantity required


Quantity required

Butterflies(30) Gold   Various Corners(48) Gold  
Butterflies(30) Silver   Various Corners(48) Silver  
Butterflies/Ladybirds/Dragonflies Multicolour   Happy Easter(36) Gold  
Small Butterflies(57) Copper   Happy Easter(36) Silver  
Butterflies(27) Copper   Easter Crosses(55) Gold  
Thank you(30) Gold   Easter Crosses(55) Silver  
Thank you(30) Silver   Easter Crosses(55) Black  
With Love & Best Wishes(24) Gold   Small Doves(45) Gold  
With Love & Best Wishes(24) Silver   Small Doves(45) Silver  
Happy Birthday(24) Gold   Angels(16) Gold  
Happy Birthday(24) Silver   Angels(16) Silver  
Happy Birthday(24) Multicolour   Angels(8) Gold  
Happy Birthday Copper   Angels(8) Silver  
Congratulations(25) Gold   Stars 6&8-point Gold  
Congratulations(25) Silver   Stars 6&8-point Silver  
Merry Christmas(24) Gold   Get Well Soon(20) Gold  
Merry Christmas(24) Silver   Get Well Soon(20) Silver  
Best Wishes(36) Gold   Good Luck(16) Gold  
Best Wishes(36) Silver   Good Luck(16) Silver  
Holly Sprigs(~60) gold   With Sympathy(20) Silver  
Happy Christmas(24) Gold   Chain Borders Gold  
Happy Christmas(24) Silver   Chain Borders Silver  
Star Selection 5 point (lots) Gold   Seahorses(12) Multicolour  
Star Selection 5 point (lots) Silver   Dolphins(16) Black  
Church Windows(3) Gold   Cat Silhouettes Black  
Mixed Snowflakes(~100) Silver  

Season's Greetings(24) Gold   With Love(20) Gold  
Season's Greetings(24) Silver   With Love(20) Silver  
Narrow Straight Borders Gold   Just for You(27) Gold  
Narrow Straight Borders Silver   Just for You(27) Silver  
Border and Corners Multicolour   Musical Gold  
Daisies and Corners Multicolour   Sport Gold  
Spiral Flower Abstract Multicolour   Footballers Red  
Oak Leaves Copper   Footballers Blue  
Beech and Birch Leaves Copper   Footballers Black  
Horse Chestnut Leaves Copper   Footballers Silver  
Maple Leaves Copper   Footballers Gold  
Classic Borders and Scrolls Copper   Doves and Hearts Red  
England Flag Red   Love Hearts Red  

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If you just want peeloffs, print this page, add your name and address along with a note of which and how many sheets you would like and send it with your cheque (payable to Wakes Waxes) to Wakes Waxes, Loveneys Farm, Wakes Colne, COLCHESTER, CO6 2BJ.   
If you want other items from our extensive Encaustic Wax Art Supplies range, there is a printable order form , or email with your name and address for a FREE information pack, which will include a mail-order form and all the prices etc. (even a little sample of unique encaustic art if you ask!)

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