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PART PRICE LIST - for use from June 2022

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If you are in the UK, you can print and fill in this form (or parts of it) and send it with a cheque (payable to Wakes Waxes) for the total amount to: Wakes Waxes, Loveneys Farm, Wakes Colne, COLCHESTER, CO6 2BJ.  Alternatively, telephone 01787 227320 with your order and I'll be able to take card payment or send items along with an invoice for later payment.

Quantity Required



Fantasy/Christmas  Realistic  Block Stamps   links to pictures of the stamp images

  Small Fairy Stamp 10.00  
  Stamp: Fairy Sitting 10.00  
  Small Unicorn Stamp 10.00  
  Stamp: Small Castle 10.00  
  Stamp: Pixie 9.00  
  Cat Stamp 10.00  
  Large Fairy Stamp 13.00  
  Stamp: Fairy Flying 13.00  
  Stamp: Young Unicorn 13.00  
  Stamp: Pegasus 15.00  
  Stamp: Sleigh 16.00  
  Stamp: Block Heart 6.00  
  Stamp: Ash Tree 24.00  
  Seahorses Stamp 13.00  
  Stamp: Dolphin 13.00  
  Stamp: Penguins 10.00  
  Stamp: Dragon (left) 13.00  
  Stamp: Dragon (right) 15.00  
  Stamp: Large Castle 13.00  
  Stamp: Grim Reaper 13.00  
  Stamp: Nativity 16.00  
  Stamp: Block Smile 6.00  
  Stamp: Angel Fish 10.00  
  Stamp: Dragonfly 10.00  
  Stamp: Palms 10.00  
  Stamp: Bush Tree 10.00  
  Stamp: Owl 10.00  
  Stamp: Thanks 9.00  
  Stamp: Get Well Soon 5.00  
  Stamp: Wizard Wand 15.00  
  Stamp: Horse 13.00  
  Killer Whales Stamp 13.00  
  Stamp: Wise Men 15.00  
  Stamp: Oak Tree 16.00  
  Stamp: Block Christmas 9.00  
  Stamp: Happy New Year 6.00  
  Stamp: With Sympathy 5.00  
  Stamp: Happy Birthday N/A Sorry 
  Stamp: Fir Tree 13.00  
  Stamp: Tree 13.00  
  Stamp: Windswept Tree 15.00  
  Stamp: Poplar Tree 16.00  
  Stamp: Block Birthday 9.80  
  Stamp: The Bory 9.00  
Fantasy Set of clear stamps13.50
Nature Set of clear stamps13.50
Holiday Season Set of clear stamps13.50
Animals Set of clear stamps13.50
Acrylic block (10 x 7.5cm) - you just need one of these to use with any number of the clear stamps7.50
  Black, dye Ink Pad - dries on card then you can wax over with diluted DARK colours. 4.50  
  Black Dye Ink Refill - 15 ml


  Stazon Ink Pad SZ31 Jet Black What is this? 5.90  
  Stazon Ink Pad SZ31 Jet Black Refill   2.60  

 I stock all the Stazon colours - click here if interested

  SZL-56 Solvent-based cleaner specially for stazon ink pads 5.90  




  UK postage per complete order (from any amount of these pages) 2.00  2.00
If you wish to pay by card, please ring 01787 227 320 
Alternatively, please send cheque for the TOTAL amount to
Wakes Waxes, Loveneys Farm, Wakes Colne, COLCHESTER, CO6 2BJ

Please supply name and address for delivery:

Telephone no. (just in case there's a query) ................................................................
your email ......................................................................

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