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I've been asked a few times for a little saucepan to sit on the upturned iron in which to stir up new colours.  I've now got a few of these but I have to buy them in a set of four different sizes from about 2" diameter to 3" diameter; so if you order a saucepan, it might be a different size to the one that you saw someone else using!

These little saucepans are made from stainless steel.  To make new blocks of colour, turn iron on to "High",  convert your iron to hotplate mode (handle slides in under baseplate), stand saucepan on upturned iron and drop pieces of wax blocks in to saucepan.  Wax will melt and you can stir the colours together with something such as the scraper tool.  The colours mix as you would expect (blue and yellow make green etc) and can be diluted with clear wax or made into pastel (opaque ) colours by adding white wax.

Once you have your desired colour in it's liquid state, pour the wax colour into a small mould - this could be an ice-cube tray, paper sweet case, aluminium cake case etc.  when the wax is cooled and set, it should be possible to remove the wax shape from the mould.


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