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Steinel HG2310 LCD 240V Professional Hot Air Gun / Heat Gun 2300W

This is the most similar tool available to the ones used on the "Exploring Ideas" and "Hobby to Art" DVDs

Powerful, electronically controlled professional hot air gun with continuously adjustable airflow and temperature control, making it suitable for all hot-air jobs. The precision temperature display permits work on materials that respond critically to heat and so is ideal for encaustic work

Specifications :
Voltage: 230v / 50 Hz Output: 2300w Temperature: stage 1: 50C stage 2: 50 650 C.

Memory button for changing preset programmes. Non slip end cap.

Display mode: LCD in 10C steps.

Air flow rate: 150 -500 l /min.
stage 1: 150 250 l / min.
stage 2: 150 500 l / min.

  1. Visual display of temperature and speed on LCD
  2. Selector button for 4 preset programmes
  3. Memory button
  4. Continuously adjustable temperature
  5. Continuously adjustable air flow
  6. Non-slip end cap

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