Encaustic art wax supplies.                      

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If you need something urgently or a last-minute present, or you don't like filling in forms, or you just want some advice on any aspect of wax painting, please ring me (Barry) on 01787 227320 (9am - 9pm) and I'll be able to deal with your request personally.  

Our normal postage & packing is 2.00 per order but if you want me to use Special Delivery (next working day by 1pm to most of UK), you need to ring me (Barry) on 01787 227320 to sort out a price. 

I prefer payment by cheque, Postal Order or direct online (or cash but use recorded delivery for any cash sent by post) but I'm usually prepared to send items immediately, even to new customers, and trust that you will pay within a few days by cheque etc.  

I can accept payment by card over the phone; that's how most people want to pay but it does cost me about 2% of order value

I keep large stocks of most things on the order form and orders usually seem to arrive in such a way that I can manage to process nearly every one (and get it on it's way) the same day that it arrives even in the run up to Christmas.   If you don't hear anything within a few days of sending your order, then something has almost certainly got lost in the post and you should contact me; having said that, we may close for one week (not in the 2 months before Christmas though)  in the year for a holiday!


I have large supplies of almost everything on our list including about 100 of EACH of the 48 colours!

In fact, I try to keep enough stock for 3 months worth of sales - that's how I can guarantee almost immediate delivery.

Very occasionally, I might run out of less common items but that's quite rare!



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