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If you are in the UK, you can print and fill in this form (or parts of it) and send it with a cheque (payable to Wakes Waxes) for the total amount to: Wakes Waxes, Loveneys Farm, Wakes Colne, COLCHESTER, CO6 2BJ.  Alternatively, telephone 01787 227320 with your order and we'll be able to take card payment or send items along with an invoice for later payment.

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  Video - "Start & Explore" 57 minutes (DVD version not available) 15.50  
  2 weeks Video Hire - "Start & Explore" 4.00  
  DVD - "Learn the Skills" 19.50  
  Video - "Learn the Skills" 89 minutes 19.50  
  2 weeks Video Hire - "Learn the Skills" 4.00  
  2 weeks DVD Hire - "Learn the Skills" 4.00  
  DVD - "Quick Cards in Encaustic" 59 minutes 14.90  
  2 weeks DVD Hire - "Quick Cards in Encaustic" 4.00  
  DVD - "A Bigger Picture in Encaustic Art" 11.90  
  2 weeks Video Hire - "A Bigger Picture" 4.00  
  2 weeks DVD Hire - "A Bigger Picture" 4.00  
  DVD - "Exploring Ideas" (video version not available) 19.50  
  2 weeks DVD Hire - "Exploring Ideas" 4.00  
  DVD - "From Hobby to Art"  (video version not available) 19.50  
  2 weeks DVD Hire - "From Hobby to Art" 4.00  
  Helpsheets (2 free ) there are now 18 to choose from
Listed at www.waxes.co.uk/helpsheets.htm 
  A6 Booklet by Barry Moulton (Included in Our Starter Set) 1.50  
  How to Paint with Wax  (Search Press) cover price 7.95 7.60  
  Wonderful Ways with Wax by Jan Visser 12.50  
  Encaustic Art Project Book (Search Press) cover price 9.95 9.60  
  Encaustic Art - 32 page Quick Guide What's this? 2.80  
  Wax Art by Hazel Marsh, 122 pages - another UK encaustic book 9.50  
  The art of Encaustic Painting by Joanne Mattera, 144 pages - encaustic as practised in the US (mainly) - it's different! 16.50  




  UK postage per complete order (from any amount of these pages) 2.00  2.00
Please send cheque for the TOTAL amount to
Wakes Waxes, Loveneys Farm, Wakes Colne, COLCHESTER, CO6 2BJ
If you wish to pay by card, please ring 01787 227 320 or, if you don't mind, just write your 16 digit card number here along with expiry date (plus start date for a Maestro card) and the 3 digit security code on the back.

Please supply name and address for delivery:

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