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"This Encaustic Art stuff has to be seen to be believed - it's really cool!"      

 COLOUR CHART of the 48 blocks  

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encaustic art made with coloured, melted beeswax - click to enlarge!
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  Lots of encaustic DVDs available 


 Wax Painting Supplies, Large Stocks, Rapid Delivery,
Unusually Large Range of tools and materials.


wax waxes beeswax paint

Wax melts at any time; coated card allows liquid wax to move, producing wonderful, magical effects. The four 
basic effects are shown in the three photos below. Your FIRST results will probably look quite similar to 
these but the more you make the better you get.


encaustic wax
smoothing lightly with painting iron - useful for flat things; skies, water, rocks etc


lifting the iron makes air rush in producing fantastic patterns! - MAGIC!
See more examples



edge and point marks exhibit fantastic 3D qualities - the last mark made is seen to be in front of previous marks


If you would like Barry Moulton to produce an A6 size picture for you, which includes specific effects, please
click here

Waxart - This is the modern version of Encaustic Art.  Anyone 
and everyone produces unique, intriguing artwork right from the 
start!    As you will soon realise, it can be far more interesting 
than candle-making!!!

To Start:
A small, dry iron
(cool-about 80C) - one is made specially 
and is highly recommended.
Encaustic colours (basically beeswax and pigment)
A flat non-porous surface - white, sealed-surface card is ideal

Results are:
in seconds.



Stimulating to the imagination



Permanent (unless remelted)

Wax art Images:
Have a wonderful 3D effect

Can be changed at any time by remelting

Can be used as  pictures

Can be used as greeting cards

Can be used as bookmarks

The process is:
Enjoyable (whatever your ability)


Not expensive to start

Addictive! Many people have stayed up all night to 
    prolong their first experience of this fantastic hobby!
Wonderful for fantasy art.

Tools and Materials:
are available by rapid mail-order.
Please phone, fax or email
with your name and address for a FREE information pack.
The pack contains prices of all tools and materials along with a 
money saving offer! (offers only available to UK residents).

See how those four basic effects might be used together to produce landscape

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Original Wax Paintings.

What are the colours of the wax blocks?

2 FREE helpsheets with every order if you ask for them!

Money-Saving Offer for this Month!           Stock and Delivery, How to pay.            Can you produce 2 pictures alike?

                       Rubber Stamps (mostly silhouettes made specially for combining with encaustic images) and inks

              Hot Air can melt wax too!                             SEARCH THIS SITE.             Stazon Ink Pads

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