STOCK                                    Christmas Deliveries

I should have everything in stock that is on my web price list.   I usually keep in stock, at least 20 Starter Sets, 10 stylus, 10 Irons and at least 100 of  EACH of the wax block colours.  

I don't operate a minimum order policy; if you only want to spend 50p, that's fine!  With every order you can ask for 2 of my Helpsheets for free.  There are 18 Helpsheets at present  which can also be bought for 50p each.

HOW TO PAY - I'll try to fit in with whatever is best for you....

Most people want to pay by card now - it's probably best to ring me in that case ; 9am to 9pm, any day except Christmas day.  We can have a chat about encaustic and I'll try to stop you buying uneccesary things!  If you do ever put your card details in an email, please split those between 2 emails for your security.

If you bank online, and don't mind paying that way, just ask for my bank details (this is my preferred method as it costs me nothing - and just a few minutes of your time)

Some people still prefer to order by post and cheque - that's good too (I don't have to pay to process cheques).  When you order by post, I'll include a new pricelist/order form in your parcel along with a stamped SAE for your next order.    If you want something quickly but still want to pay by cheque, please ring me with your order and I'll send it straightaway with an invoice (I trust you to pay later)

Paypal - my least favoured method (as it's more costly) but if it's what you want to do, email your order with that request and I'll make a Paypal Invoice for you.


I nearly always manage to process and dispatch orders on the day that they are received so if you haven't heard anything from me within a few days, please contact me as something has probably got lost in the post.   We may close down for a few days each year but you should still get a reply if you ring 01787 227320 and leave a message if necessary.

If you do need to contact me by phone , please don't do it on Christmas day!
Any other day is acceptable between the hours of 9am and 9pm.
Supplying encausticians is all that I do - you probably realise that that is a very niche area!  I can't sit by the phone all day but please leave a message if I don't answer and I'll ring you back as soon as I get in.

My normal arrangement is to use Royal Mail for deliveries (usually 1st Class (occasionally 2nd )), but orders weighing  2Kg and over are usually sent with a courier.    Post and packaging is just 2 to UK addresses.   - PLEASE take this into account if you do compare my prices to other suppliers as their postage charges can sometimes be rather high!
I can use Special Delivery if you need something really urgently; I can quote you for this, if required, once I have your order - Special Delivery should arrive by 1pm on the next working day.

If you buy an iron or stylus, these are guaranteed for at least a year (if  a fault were to develop after 12 months, please get in touch); the other electrical tools are guaranteed for 6 months.

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