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If you require several different colours, you can print this page and include it with your order.

See colours Quantity Quantity
01 Crimson   25 Gold  
02 Vermilion   26 Silver  
03 Orange   27 Clear  
04 Golden Yellow   28 Bronze  
05 Lemon Yellow   29 Pearlescent  
06 Leaf Green   30 Pastel Orange  
07 Green   31 Pastel Blue  
08 Blue Green   32 Pastel Lilac  
09 Blue   33 Pastel Mint  
10 Ultramarine   34 Pastel Coral  
11 Blue Violet   35 Pastel Cream  
12 Red Violet   36 Neon Red  
13 Rust Brown   37 Neon Pink  
14 Yellow Brown   38 Neon Orange  
15 Black   39 Neon Yellow  
16 White   40 Neon Green  
17 Grey   41 Neon Blue  
18 Prussian Blue   42 Magenta  
19 Cobalt Blue   43 Bright Red  
20 Yellow Ochre   44 Mid Yellow  
21 Venetian Red   45 Sap Green  
22 Umber   46 Cyan Blue  
23 Olive Green   47 Indigo  
24 Pink   48 Purple  

When you receive your waxes, they may be stuck together with a strip of  masking tape; I usually pack the blocks like that as it stops movement and so prevents the colours marking each other too much.  Please remove the masking tape within a few weeks, otherwise the glue might become more sticky  (like a lot of tape adhesives) and leave a deposit on the wax.   If you ask me to, I can number the blocks on the tape so that you can identify them easier.  If you keep a printed copy of the above chart, you can then crayon your new colours on to it when they arrive - just an idea that can save some frustration!

If you haven't asked me to number the colours, I usually pack them in numerological order so if you can remember which colours you ordered, you might still be able to sort something out.

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