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March 2024 - Some Royal Mail prices are rising substantially in April; I'm not sure if I can only charge 2 for p&p any longer - I'll give it some thought.

January 2024 - I've sold the last large hotplate that I had in stock.  I won't be stocking this item any longer but they're still available from the importer - Brian Nelson at Encaustic Art Plus.

June 2022 - I've now updated my prices; some have increased by a few percent but others are much the same as they've been for the past few years.  I still only charge 2 per order for postage & processing.  My stock of the large impressed-line aperture card has run out - there'll be no more available.  I still have about 200 of the smaller impressed-line apertures though (these take A7 artwork nicely)

May 2022 - The prices that I pay for most items has increased substantially; I haven't yet increased my retail prices but I really need to do that soon

April 2022 - Is it really a year since there was any news?!    I can't get any more bookmark apertures - at the moment, I've still got some in stock of all 4 variations that I've always offered.   I still get the self-adhesive bookmark covers made for me - they're always popular!

April 2021 - The Impressed line aperture cards are no longer manufactured but I have some left of both sizes (to fit A6 or A7 artwork).  I've found a new manufacturer for some of my other presentation items but the cost of the raw card has increased a lot recently so I'll have to increase my prices of most presentation items as the year progresses .

January 2021 - The starch-based packaging chips that I use now are white and a cylindrical shape.  So those little cylinders are biodegradable and can be added to your compost etc.  Sometimes, there'll be other colours/shapes of packaging chips in your parcel - these are ones that I've received in parcels arriving here.   I apologise if that's a nuisance for you but re-using packaging is far preferable to it going straight to landfill.

Please only put the white, cylindrical-shaped ones into any composting/recycling that you do.  Most other chips will be made from polystyrene which is not generally recyclable (and definitely won't compost!)

April 2020 - Strange times for us all.  I've got masses of stock of most things but I'm trying to not go to the post office unless essential.  I can post small items via the PostBox which is only 50 yards from here.  If you're an existing customer needing a large order or an order of something large, please ring me and we can have a chat about what I can do for you.      I still haven't changed my prices but I intend to get that sorted in April.  

Mar 2020 - Some prices have increased from my wholesaler; I'll be updating my web price list and my paper list some time in March.  I've now got the Fun tip assortment of stylus tips (Flower, Droplet, Octagon, Star, Heart ) so, if you want all of those, it's roughly pay for 4, get the fifth for free.

Feb 2020 - I'm now using packaging chips made from starch instead of polystyrene; however, if  I receive deliveries which contain polystyrene, I usually try to re-use that polystyrene rather than sending it direct to landfill.   The starch-based chips seem less resilient than polystyrene ones but they do the job almost as well.  One drawback with the starch-based ones is that vermin are attracted to them so I now have to store all those starch-based chips in the house - and they need a lot of room !

Jan 2020 - I think I've added all the new/repackaged items on to my various price lists.  The old type stylus has now been superseded by the dual-heat StylusPRO - the tips for this are threaded.   I've still got most of the shapes to fit the old stylus (those tips are based on a 5mm rod which pushes in and is then secured by tightening a philips screw on the side.); please ring me if you want tips to fit that.

Dec 2019 - During 2019, some new items have been introduced and the original range of goodies from Arts Encaustic have been rebranded in updated packaging.  By early New Year time, I should finally get around to listing all the new stuff and prices

March 2019 - Madness occurs in March -  I offer you a surprise in your parcel - just ask !

Feb 2019 - I've got  all the new/repackaged ArtsEncaustic items in stock - I just haven't got around to making a price list for them yet.  However, most will be slightly cheaper than elsewhere.

July 2018 - I've got the Star (5-pointed) and the flower (8 scalloped circle) stylus tip back in stock along with a new supply of Magic Powder in all four metallic colours.  My offer of the month is a "Learn the Skills" DvD worth 19.50 free if you want it (15 minimum order) - just ask for one.  Only 1 free DvD per person.

March 2018 - Madness comes to the fore and I offer you a surprise in your parcel - just ask !

February 2018 - Valentines offer this month; 10% off of everything (except the hotplate) listed on the front of my paper order form (I send one of those in each parcel).  The star tip and the flower tip, for the stylus, have proved very popular and I've run out of stock again so I apologise for that.

October 2017 - Prices inevitably had to change because of the weakness of the pound against the Euro.

April 2016 - I hadn't been able to get the stylus Star tips for a while but they're now back in stock.

June 2014 - Hobbyring have produced 4 more shapes of flat tip for the stylus; small round(just 11mm diam), Oval, Star & flower.  Prices of tools

July 2013 - R&F are now producing their encaustic medium in pellet form - much easier to use.   Encaustic Wax Prices (waxes)

March 2013 - A few of my customers want to make their own encaustic paint (in the way that some people in the US do) so I now  stock beeswax pellets & damar resin.  In case you want a simpler method to follow the "American Way", I've now got some R&F Encaustic Medium in stock - it's in 333ml cake form - these items are listed on this part of my price list Encaustic Wax Prices (waxes)

February 2013 - I've now got some silicon wedges in stock now;  these are excellent mark-makers for hotplate work.   Prices are on this part Hotplate Tools of the order forms/price list.

January 2013 - I wish you all a happy and healthy new year with thanks for all your custom thus far.  
Accepting plastic money is the biggest change that I've made lately.

December 2012 - After resisting for 20 years, I've finally made the decision to offer payment by plastic money.  I would still prefer to be paid direct (if you bank online, I'll give you my account numbers) or by cheque - I'm willing to send goods with an invoice for payment by cheque after delivery; I like to trust my customers!  The Monthly Offer for December is a lovely collection of encaustic supplies with a saving of over 16 and would make a lovely, unusual Christmas present for anyone of any artistic ability - particularly those who "have everything" already.

August 2012 - Very few people seem to have asked for free postage in June or July (that was my Offer  for those months); in fact, most that I spoke to asked why I'm only charging 1.50 and some even paid extra voluntarily - thanks to all of you for being loyal and lovely customers.

June 2012 - With regret and apologies, I'm now asking for a contribution of 1.50 on every order towards my p&p charges.   I don't want to lose any customers through this move so my monthly offer for June and July is Free Postage!  

May 2012 - Unfortunately, The Craft Fair at Woburn Abbey this month has been cancelled due to recent heavy rains.
With regret and apologies, I'm now asking for a contribution of 1.50 on every order towards my p&p charges.   I don't want to lose any customers through this move so my monthly offer has now become Free Postage!  Please make use of it if you wish. 

April 2012 - I'm very concerned about Royal Mail's imminent hike in postal charges.  I'm seriously thinking about charging some p&p on EVERY order (I've been doing free p&p on most orders for nearly 20 years now).  My thought is 1.50 on EVERY order (average cost to me is about 5 !).  If you have any thoughts, one way or another, please email me Email Barry
Same offer this month as last = ask for anything or a surprise!

March 2012 - This month's offer is a surprise! 
I've now got some VERY large black card - 70 x 100cm! 57 for 10 sheets.
I've finally booked fairs for 2012 but only 4 http://www.waxes.co.uk/venues.htm

February 2012 - This month's offer is wax colours going cheap! 

January 2012 - This month's offer is about the stylus

December 2011 - This month's offer

November 2011 - This month's offer is all 48 wax colours for just 42 .  Also, now in stock, is the new book by Jan Visser "WonderfulWays with Wax"

October 2011 - This month's offer is on the stylus; purchase one correctly and you can choose a free tip worth up to 5.50 (I've got  13 different tips for it)

June 2011 - This month's offer is for a free, 2week DVD rental  (20+  order , then choose which DVD)

May 2011 - This month's offer   is some free bookmark-size card (but you have to ask for it)

April 2011 - I've had to adjust my prices - they've been the same as 2009 until now.  To compensate for the increases, a  (but you have to ask - it's not automatic) could save you a little.    Royal Mail prices increase too this month but I'm still silly enough to offer free UK delivery on orders over 15 and only ask for 1 p&p on smaller orders.
The cost of delivering items is getting serious so I hope I'm doing the right thing and still make a little profit!

February 2011 - Gosh! not much news lately!  And now it's not good.  My buying prices increased on most items at the turn of the year so I'm rewriting the price list .  The little bit of good news is that I'm keeping the 2009/2010 prices until end of March.

March 2009 - I've bought some of those heat guns similar to those used on the DVDs http://www.waxes.co.uk/steinel .  Expensive but a great piece of kit!  Free reducer nozzle (worth over 6) with it whilst stocks last.

March 2009.  I'm sorry that prices have had to increase again on lots of items.  To compensate, the March offer on this site is for a free wax block (now worth 1) with every 10 that you spend - you have to ask for those free waxes though 

September 2008 - I've been paying increased prices for most items since 1st June so I really must increase my selling prices; sorry.
From 1st October, 2008, there'll be a new price list in operation; I've already got the paper one printed (ask if you want one) but haven't yet put them on the web.
Expect about 10% on average but quite a lot of variation.  My Starter set (includes the iron) will be 41.90 (currently 37.90), waxes 95p each (currently 90p), stylus 27.50 (currently 24.50), most rubber stamps increasing by 1 each.  

December 2007 - If you have an order form/price list that says it's for 2007, I'll honour those prices until 31/3/08.

December 2007.  "Are there no books on encaustic apart from those 3 by Michael Bossom?" I get asked quite often.
There are some others and I've now got a good supply of "The Art of Encaustic Painting" by Joanne Mattera.  This has 144 pages but don't expect to see anything done on glossy card with an iron - oh no!  It's more serious than that!  I'm selling it for 16.50 although the RSP is about 19.95.   The order form for just books and videos/DVDs is here........ www.waxes.co.uk/booksandvideos.htm

November 2007.  The Heat-it Craft tool is back in stock but it's now called the "Heat Buddy" and is lilac instead of white.  Made for heating the rubber-stampers' embossing powders really but it's my personal favourite hot air tool for encaustic; however, if you want forceful hot air, you need to look elsewhere!  www.waxes.co.uk/hotairtools.htm

November 2007.  "Are there no books on encaustic apart from those 3 by Michael Bossom?" I get asked quite often.
There are some others and I've now got a good supply of "Wax Art" by Hazel Marsh.  This has 122 pages with lots of different ideas and all quite simple stuff.   I'm selling it for 9.50 although the RSP is about 12.95.   I think it's out of print now so if you want one, buy now!  The order form for just books and videos/DVDs is here........ www.waxes.co.uk/booksandvideos.htm

March, 2007.  I've managed to get a few pots of the "Magic powder" again; Gold, Silver, Copper & Antique! ; 3.50 per pot; email   magicpowder@waxes.co.uk , if you are interested.  A little goes a long way!!!

March, 2007.  New tips for the stylus just arrived - narrow triangle and small egg - for those that like shapes!

January, 2007.  I'm allowed to rent out the DVDs as well as the videos now.  There are 5 DVDs available but the other (the original and most inspiring) is only available as video.

I've found some useful plastic boxes with drop-on lids which are a see-through plastic and A4 size http://www.waxes.co.uk/a4box.htm  .  
New for 2007, those boxes are now in stock in 2 other sizes, A5 & A6.   Great for protecting your encaustic card stock!

The new DVD, "From Hobby to Art"  is now available showing lots of hotplate techniques and hot air work by Elisabeth Van Uden.   This is not available in video format - sorry!  http://www.waxes.co.uk/booksandvideos.htm

HOTPLATE:  There is now a large ( working, heated area 405mm x 605mm) , glass-topped hotplate available.  This has an excellent thermostat and is ideal for numerous encaustic techniques.  Take your art to a new level!
More info here                Order here

New tools are available for the hotplate; a set of 5 scrapys  Picture   (rubber tipped to give beautiful flowing marks) and a set of 4 sponges Picture which can be cut easily to different shapes or used as they are.  Order Here
We can no longer get the heatpad which was an alternative for those who were desperate to try hotplate techniques without spending quite so much.  Occasionally, you might see a glass-topped hotray at a boot sale or some such - if you do , it's probably worth buying! 

I've got  some useful painting knives in stock now for use with the hotplates .
More info here  

There is now a new video called "A Bigger Picture in Encaustic Art" .  It is also available as a DVD.
"Quick Cards" is now available as a DVD too.


There are now 16 new wax block colours ;            See a rough indication of all 48 colours
NEON red/pink/orange/yellow/green/blue
PASTEL: mint/coral/cream/
REGULAR: Magenta, Cyan Blue, Middle Yellow, Bright Red, Purple, Sap Green, Indigo  .  Apart from the Indigo (beautiful blackish blue), these are all good bases from which to mix new colours, hence they are sometimes described as "mixers".

For those of you making bookmarks (these are usually easy to sell!), we now have an easier way to present them - self adhesive covers  have a look at them here

I've uploaded images of most of the rubber stamps - please be patient while they load, they're on 3 pages and each will probably take a couple of minutes to load.......New Stamps  Old Stamps 1  Old Stamps 2 

Every month, I will try to put up a new offer to try and save you some money! 
 Money-Saving Offer for this Month!



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